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GSXR 1000 01/04


2001 - 2004 Suzuki GSXR-1000 Annitori QS PRO Quickshifter with fuel injection loom (SU2R4-Fi)

For all stock footrests use 90mm shift rod

(All non-OEM setups please use our online guide to measure your shift rod, subtract 50mm for QS PRO sensor and purchase needed length(s).

* Please note that on these older bikes, sometimes the FI ERROR light will come on when you use the quickshifter. 20+ years ago, Suzuki never planned for a quickshifter in the ECU software, so it sometimes "sees" the kill signal as an error and throws the light.
Nothing is wrong with the motorcycle, and everything works 100% normally. Just the light comes on.
Some older GSXR's do this, others do not. But there are so few options for the older bikes that we keep the kit available because many of these older GSXR's are racebikes and they don't even care about the FI light.
Just wanted to be sure you understood this possibility as you make your decision to purchase.